A downloadable game for Windows and macOS


Play as Marol, one of the four esteemed leaders in Planet Ardoriol.

During a conference meeting with the other leaders to discuss the appointment of a new governor for the capital, the four leaders were mysteriously teleported to a planet in the middle of nowhere.

Little did they know, however, that an even deeper mystery lies await for them…



Marol, leader of Koneros, a scientifically advanced region

Characteristics: innovative, rational, tech-savvy

Flyx, leader of Noblexia, an economically industrious region

Characteristics: loyal, old-fashioned, commercially inclined

Zan, leader of Vosterra, the richest region with strongest military presence

Characteristics: polite, inscrutable, intelligent


Ylivea, leader of Ayashin, a region that is deeply devout to an ancient religion

Characteristics: hot-headed, subjective, passionate



• Around 15 min of interative gameplay

• Three different endings

• All the features of Ren'py: save your place, read the transcript, and more!

• Content Warning: murder, blood, violence


This game was created for Beginner Jam 3. It was created by the following team:

Art: modernpirate (Ellie)

Coding: Ajey and Fifty

Music: Francois Lampron and Spiralflip

Writing: daygleaux and mintcoloredeye


pb01-1.0-mac.zip 33 MB
pb01-1.0-pc.zip 51 MB

Install instructions

Extract the zip file and play the application file

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